We make technology work for you with the most advanced software systems in the industry.

We employ the ASYST Smartphone App, the most advanced in the industry. This provides our managers and associations real-time access  to Property contact information as well as Compliance, Work Order History and Account History. Properties can be accessed via name, address, or GPS coordinate. This means that new Compliance and Work Order information can be captured and recorded in the field.

Some of the basic functions and advantages include:

  • Access to all or assigned associations
  • Lookup and access Compliance and Work Order History
  • Record and update statuses of open items
  • Capture pictures with GPS encoding.
  • Record new Compliance and Work Order items


Real Advanced Too

Our advanced management system includes both property management and accounting modules that provide increased efficiencies and reduced time demands on all personnel. Some general characteristics include:

  • Integrated modules
  • Automatic real time updates
  • Permanent transaction recording
  • Customized reports
  • Easy, secure access

Eight Ways to Save Time

Some general system characteristics and specific time saving features included in the various modules are:

  1. The modules are totally integrated; therefore, data is entered only once and then it is accessed and used throughout the system.
  2. The entire system updates real time for all entries, thereby providing a complete current and accurate financial position and allowing current analysis of any account at any time.
  3. Each transaction is permanently recorded reflecting the date of entry and the identification of the user who entered the transaction. Transactions maintain their date sensitivity at all times. This allows detailed reports to be generated for any period at any time.
  4. Each module has specialized reports that can be generated whenever you wish.
  5. The system allows users to quickly access accounts to enable instant response to inquiries and immediate printing of account analysis, if needed. Users can address homeowner or vendor inquiries immediately providing optimum customer service.
  6. The system contains extensive security and self-check features to ensure that unauthorized access is not permitted. The features are fully controlled by your authorized system supervisor and we will always be available to assist you in defining and implementing your requirements.
  7. The letter writing module integrates with Microsoft® Office for creation of your own letter templates.
  8. The property profile module contains complete owner, resident, and tenant data as well as tracking features for violations, architectural applications, fines, delinquencies, work orders, etc. Account histories can be maintained as long as desired