Innovations in Service Since 1993

Our Past

Powerstone Property Management opened in 1993. We grew steadily in a very competitive marketplace by providing top-notch service, attention to detail and a willingness to do what it takes for our clients. This includes a hands-on involvement by our principals.

Over the years we’ve added new innovative systems and technology. We’ve streamlined and simplified the process of property management so that our associations could thrive. And even as we grew we still maintain the personal touch and friendly, responsive service we are famous for.

Our Present – Growing Through Retention

Today, technology is a large part of the Powerstone offering and it’s helped us to become more efficient and effective in helping our clients succeed. But more importantly is the fact that our people have the right training and experience so that we can continue to serve people like you with an ownership mentality driven by customer satisfaction.

Today we are recognized as one of the leading property management firms in Southern California. We’ve expanded into new markets, added new services and staff and actively support the community. The reason we’ve grown is because our clients stay with us and they tell others.

Our Mission

To provide a simple yet innovative and responsive process, with warm and welcoming service designed for excellent results worth repeating.

Our Future Together

So many things in our industry are done the same way. A form is a form and a process is a process. But we think it’s also very important to get to know our clients and understand exactly where they are coming from and where they want to go. So tell us your vision and let us help you get there.

The Powerstone Promise

Powerstone believes that every association deserves the chance to attain their vision for their property and that’s why we created the best combination of people and technology to not only better serve, but to better achieve.