René Decker, CCAM, Chief Executive Officer

René Decker has over 25 years experience in the community management profession. As CEO he has lead the charge for PowerStone to become one of the fastest growing property management firms in Orange County by focusing on exceptional client service and building a high caliber professional management team. Rene’ is hands on in providing guidance to homeowner and developer boards of directors in all facets of community management. His experience working with all sizes and types of associations enables him to provide key insights and direction in setting long-term goals and developing the strategies to achieve them. He has received numerous awards including a Vision Award for Creation Solutions for Problem Solving, the prominent Circle Vision Award and the Vision Award for Excellence in Service. Rene’ is an active member of the Community Associations Institute and currently on the board of CACM. He graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications.

“The most important thing I’ve learned in this business is that it’s not
about the forms or the process, it’s about the people – every association is unique.”



Michelle Burge, CFO, CPA

Michelle is a CPA with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (Accounting) from San Diego State University. Michelle began her career in public accounting where her main focus was on providing auditing and tax services for homeowner associations.

She brings over 25 years of community management experience to PowerStone and oversees a team of CPA’s and Accounting Professionals in the preparation of monthly financial statements, annual budgets, banking, accounts payable and receivable, investments, internal controls, delinquencies, developer billing, and escrow processing. Michelle has been active on both the Finance Committee and Management Firm Council of the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Association of Certified Public Accountants.

“I take responsibility with our communities to make sure that the
accounting is not only accurate but understandable.”



Debbie Evans, CCAM, Chief Operating Officer

Debbie has been in the community management field since 1989. Her experience has helped her develop a unique understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of the property management profession. She is responsible for oversight of operations, training, guidance and support to managers and staff and also works closely with homeowner and developer boards of directors to provide guidance and training in all aspects of community management. With an emphasis for promoting professionalism and increasing education she has served as a board member and former chair of CACM. Debbie has received many awards including the highest honor of the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. Debbie is an active member of CAI, Community Associations Institute.

“Our clients deserve the best service and I’m here to ensure that we
deliver just that.”



Kendrah Kay, CCAM, CMCA,
Vice President Management Services

Kendrah has spent a decade in redefining what it means to serve. She is responsible for providing the superior customer service that PowerStone is famous for, and is an integral part of the leadership team. Kendrah manages and mentors with a passion and love for what she does. She never compromises on quality and strives to find new ways to meet and exceed client expectations.

Kendrah has earned the distinguished credential of Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) and is serving as Chair of the Legal Advisory Steering Committee. She is also part of the CACM Board of Directors and has been awarded two prestigious Vision Awards in 2011 and 2015. Kendrah is an active member of the Community Association Institute (CAI) and serves as the Co-Chair for the Summer Symposium Committee. In addition, she has earned her CMCA designation.

Kendrah attended California State University, San Marcos and the University of Phoenix and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Communications and Finance.

“I challenge myself and our team every day to provide a superior level of customer service in an effort to surpass expectations set by the clients and homeowners that we serve. We are proud of what we do and we strive to be the best at it.”



Gavin A. Kuehn Sr., CCAM, CMCA,
Director of Community Management

Gavin heads up the North County Office and is responsible for operations and has a client base of over 2500 units. He is also the Manager of Anaheim Hills Planned Community Association and supervises a team of nine.

Gavin has earned the designations of CCAM, Certified Community Association Manager & CMCA Certified Manager of Community Associations. Gavin is also Co-Chair of the CAI / OC Education Committee and is active in all industry functions including acting as a speaker and educator for the CLTP Community Leadership Training Courses

Mr. Kuehn was an Executive Chef for Hilton Hotels and is classically trained specializing in French Cuisine with 20+ years in the Hospitality Industry. He attended Columbia College where he earned an Associates of Arts degree.

“ I think excellent service is the key to our clients’ success and so far it’s proved right every time.”



Lisa Glogow, CMCA, Director Of Community Management

Lisa overseas our Coachella Valley office. She is a proven leader with excellent communication and customer service skills. Her knowledge of real estate, financing, project and community management makes her a valued asset to the associations she manages. Lisa is full time resident of Coachella Valley and understands the needs and way of life in the desert.

Lisa has earned the distinguished credential of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) and is an active member of the Community Association Institute (CAI).

“understand the desert and truly enjoy all of great people that live here.”



Timothy Peckham, PCAM, CCAM, CMCA, AMS, Director of Community

Tim has over 30 years of industry experience, including: oversight of operations, training, guidance and support to managers and staff and he has developed a unique understanding of the various needs and special attention that board members require. He has served successfully as onsite General Manager for over 10 years at a large age restricted gated communities in Orange County. Tim has earned the distinguished credentials of Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM), Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM), Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) and Association Management Specialist (AMS).

“I believe each community is unique and it’s important to understand what makes it special.”



Cynthia E. Cattern, CCAM, PCAM,
Director of Community Relations

Cindy heads up the very successful PowerStone Board Member Boot Camp Program, which includes seminars and workshops on governance, strategic planning, collections and financial management. She has over 30 years experience in HOA property management and is active with the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) from which she received her Certified Community Association (CCAM) designation in 1993 and she authored one of their initial certification classes. In 2005 she won their Vision Award for Creative Problem Solving. She was awarded a Vision Leadership Award in 2015.

Ms. Cattern holds a BA from California State University Fullerton, BA and is fluent in Spanish and French.

“Our Board Member Boot Camp provides useful and timely information from hands-on professionals that our Clients really appreciate.”



Bree Harrington, CCAM Director of Community Management

Bree is an industry professional with over 18 years experience in providing superior customer service and maintaining positive client relationships for Powerstone. Bree has earned the distinguished credential of Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) and is currently an active member within the organization. In 2011 Bree was
nominated for the prestigious CACM Leadership Award Physical Management – Level II. Bree attended San Diego State University, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Studies.

“I’m one of those people that is lucky because I truly love what I do and I get excited when I can help my communities be successful.”



Christina Mercer, CCAM, Director of Community Management

Christina heads up the San Diego County office for Powerstone and is responsible for managing all current San Diego Client Homeowner Associations. Her experience in problem solving and strategic planning has helped her in guiding her Board Members in decision making and support for initiatives that can improve the quality of life for residents. Ms. Mercer has earned the designation of CCAM from CACM, and has been nominated for Leadership and Manager of the Year through CAI. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Christina has been involved in the Community Management Industry for 15 years with over five years being in Southern California. She also volunteers at the local High School.

“I treat every one of my Associations like Family, so excellent service is always a pleasure.”



Amanda McGinley, CMCA, Director of Launch Team Services

At Powerstone, we like to put our best foot forward, and that starts with the transition process. Amanda, Director of Launch Team Services, has more than 10 years of industry experience and knowledge, which she has applied to managing the on-boarding and account set up of every new client that joins our family. In her 5 years at Powerstone Amanda has excelled as a Community Manager, Senior Manager and Launch Team Specialist. Amanda embraces the transition process from start to finish and she is dedicated to making the conversion seamless for the Board and for the membership. She is detail oriented and ensures that every account is embraced with the same care, respect and importance.

“I know that change can be difficult and that’s why I get so excited when new clients see how easy it really is to join our family.”



Kristin Lewis, CCAM, Director of Community Management

Kristin has been a respected association professional for over 10 years, serving in multiple positions, and now as a Director. She is known for being calm under pressure having worked with various Boards on difficult projects from litigation to reconstruction. She is a Board favorite who approaches her work with high energy and passion. When she’s not serving clients, she likes to travel and spend time with her family.

As a skilled manager, Kristin has earned the prestigious designation of CCAM, Certified Community Association Manager, from the California Association of Community Managers (CACM), and in 2012 was recipient of the highly respected CACM “Manager’s Choice” Vision Award voted on by over 3000 Community Managers State-Wide.

“I love to find new ways to create better service for my clients; we’re always innovating.”


Joshua Scott, CCAM, AMS, Director of Community Management

Josh has been a Community Manager since 2004 and been a part of the Powerstone family since 2015. Josh currently manages the Anaheim office. He also serves on the Board of his own homeowner association so he truly understands the expectations of clients and appreciates the work that Board Members volunteer to do for their communities.

Josh’s experience includes working with developers of new communities, high-rise management, Apartment Co-Op to condominium conversions, formation and dissolution of LLC’s.

Josh is married with two sons, ages 3 and 1. He enjoys outdoor sports and tinkering with old cars and motorcycles. As a skilled manager, Josh has earned the prestigious designation of CCAM, Certified Community Association Manager, from the California Association of Community Managers (CACM). He has also earned the AMS designation, Association Management Specialist, from the Community Associations Institute (CAI).

“I enjoy my career as a community manager as it provides me with a platform to provide courteous and professional assistance to my clients while constantly challenging myself to learn more.”